We offer a wide range of bookkeeping solutions for Hobart

Don't let paperwork keep you from building a better business!

As a professional, your personal resources are more valuable tending to other areas of your growing business. Do not miss an opportunity to make a new contact or build relationships with clients because you are stuck under a mountain of paperwork, while your competitor takes your best client to lunch.  We offer the bookkeeping solutions in Hobart that will give your business the financial stability to grow.

Systems and procedures

Louise Blaik Bookkeeping provide a range of bookkeeping solutions in Hobart including the design and implementation of systems and procedures.

We assess your current systems and procedures, and uncover areas to increase efficiency and accuracy, and therefore save you time and money.

We can then recommend bookkeeping solutions, including computer software.

Ongoing support

Not only does Louise Blaik Bookkeeping pride itself on always being available for your day-to-day questions and support with your bookkeeping needs, we have regular catch-ups to assess the effectiveness of all our systems. We will uncover the need to update systems and procedures when managing change within your business, and make sure everything is working for you.

Financial chart


Once we have worked together to find the right bookkeeping solutions to suit the individual needs of your business, we will provide training and support to your staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Depending on the size and needs of your business, our hourly rates start at $65 per hour plus GST.  If you have particular needs, we can discuss a variation to this rate.

Again, depending on your requirements, we usually bill our services on a 7 day account at the end of each month.  If you require a one off service, we would bill at the time the work is complete, with a 7 day invoice.